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Docsoft, Incorporated

Docsoft:SA Context Search Appliance

Docsoft:SA is a powerful keyword search engine that utilizes a Context-Sensitive keyword search of indexed XML-based documents. Docsoft:SA takes advantage of XML's ability to use descriptive tags (or 'elements') embedded in the XML, that describes the nature of data that is within the structure. Docsoft:SA indexes these elements individually, allowing the end-user to base a search within pre-selected relational components. This can dramatically reduce the overall number of results, with each result containing a higher degree of relevance.

Search Virtually Any XML Schema

Docsoft:SA provides the ability to create custom, descriptive names for any element or parent/child relationship in virtually any schema or document type definition (DTD). These descriptive names are called 'contexts' and are defined by an administrative user when setting up the Docsoft:SA. With this appliance, it is not necessary to have XML that adheres to a pre-defined or proprietary schema.

File indexing can now be accomplished by the Docsoft indexing engine, Docsoft:SA. This allows for comprehensive video searching and side-by-side playback with the transcript.

Docsoft:SA Search Flow

Search XMP-Embedded RDF/XML

Docsoft:SA can index both XML or resource definition framework (RDF) data which may be embedded into virtually any file type using XMP. Created by Adobe Systems, extensible metadata platform (XMP) is a labeling technology that allows organizations to embed metadata into the subject files themselves. Desktop applications and back-end publishing systems thereby gain a common method for capturing, sharing, and leveraging this valuable metadata.

The ability to index and search graphics or image data has been cumbersome, with the need for proprietary applications that search only the files they create. Docsoft:SA's ability to extract XMP-embedded RDF data in audio, video, photographs and graphics is unparalleled, and will allow you to search your digital assets quickly and efficiently, all in context!

Effortless Setup

Docsoft:SA is available as an easy to install appliance. Docsoft:SA's administration console for the appliance version is fully web-based, with robust control over settings and indexing, even from remote locations. The setup of contexts for your XML data is provided via the wizard interface.

Docsoft:SA has a Web Service (SOA) Application Program Interface available so that you can integrate Docsoft:SA into your enterprise applications.

Docsoft:SA Accessibility

To learn how Docsoft:SA fits in with your accessibility requirements, please view the following :

Get Your Docsoft:SA

If you would like an online demonstration of Docsoft's Enterprise Search capabilities, please contact us and ask for a demonstration of this powerful technology.