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Docsoft, Incorporated

Docsoft's Product Offerings


AVThe Docsoft:AV appliance is a powerful software and hardware solution designed to audio mine (capture) the spoken content in digital audio and video (AV) files. This appliance can be used to automatically generate text transcripts and closed captioning formats and can be configured to output virtually any text based format.


Docsoft:SA is a powerful keyword search engine that utilizes a Context-Sensitive keyword search of indexed XML-based documents. Docsoft:SA takes advantage of XML's ability to use descriptive tags (or 'elements') embedded in the XML, that describes the nature of data that is within the structure. Docsoft:SA indexes these elements individually, allowing the end-user to base a search within pre-selected relational components. This can dramatically reduce the overall number of results, with each result containing a higher degree of relevance.


W2XMLDocsoft:TE's primary function is to allow for easy correction and modification of transcripts that are generated automatically using the Docsoft:AV Audio Mining tool. With an easy to use, dynamic interface, Docsoft:TE makes editing transcripts in near real-time easier than you ever imagined.


Docsoft:AVS offers an easy pay-as-you-go service in three options: Automatic Speech Recognition, Manual Transcription, and Time Synchronization. See our pricing information here.

Docsoft T-RECS

Docsoft's Transmit-Receive Enhanced Communications System (T-RECS) is a 16 port communications appliance designed and developed to interface with various military data communications systems.