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Docsoft, Incorporated


"Oklahoma City records 12 lectures per week for broadcast on Cox Channel 18 in addition to multiple special projects throughout the year. Many of our lectures are also used to support our distance education efforts. To ensure that OSU-OKC is in compliance with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act in addition to section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, we run our media files through our DocSoft AV system, and then using our Caption Muxer, add Closed Captioning to the video files that we put in the Online Classroom."

"OKC couldn't afford to staff a department of captioning specialists, and at $150 per hour for transcription (not including captioning), we couldn't afford to outsource the volume of work we would encounter semester after semester. Instead, we opted to partner with DocSoft and let our DocSoft AV appliance do the heavy lifting for us."

"One of the biggest challenges with automated transcriptioning and closed-captioning is the ability of a system to accurately translate what it "hears", especially when dealing with strong accents or specialized vocabulary. DocSoft gives us the ability to train speaker profiles, and with every piece of media we feed through it in training mode, the accuracy of its output increases significantly. In Oklahoma, this feature is a lifesaver!"

"DocSoft, as a support entity seems more like a partner than a vendor. When we have questions, no matter how simple, they take the time to answer them and explain best practices. System upgrades are free and easy. Clearly DocSoft wants their customers to be successful and will assist in whatever way is necessary to ensure that occurs."

Jared G. Austin, Director of User Support and Training Services,

Oklahoma State University

"We are using the DocSoft AV appliance to mine all of our videos for VOD system to create a transcript. The transcript output file is used to display captions when the VOD file is played on the end users computer."

"The DocSoft AV appliance runs in the background watching for new files. We have been using it for about 8 years with very little time spent interacting with the device. Since the device does most of the work of mining the videos for the transcript, the only other labor costs is to make corrections to the transcripts. This is less time consuming than doing the transcribing manually."

John T. Stephenson, Chief Engineer/IT Manager,

Northern Virginia Community College

"UCO is currently using Docsoft AV to caption all media that is hosted on our new streaming platform, Kaltura. The transcription process that docosft AV appliance provides is easy to use and allows our users to upload XML files directly into the Kaltura Streaming solution for captions to display in our UCO custom player fairly easy."

"Docsoft AV has enabled us to be compliant and meet the needs of our current and future students with disabilities. It has saved us money by allowing us to provide in house captioning services rather than paying additional fees to cloud service companies."

Julio C. Mata, Media Services Manager,

University of Central Oklahoma

"With the prevalence of online video in higher education, content accessibility and [section 508] compliance is a recurring challenge here at The University of Texas School of Nursing. That is why having a tool like the Docsoft AV appliance in the toolkit is essential. Docsoft AV allows me to generate a reasonably accurate transcript in a short amount of time. " After a brief period correcting any transcription errors I can post the transcript with a video or use the transcript to generate closed captions."

Peter Hancock, Media Coordinator,

University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing

" other company I have ever bought a product from has had more support for their product after the purchase. Most companies take your money and run, but Docsoft sticks around to make sure you are happy with and getting all the benefits from their product. In a nutshell, Docsoft is AWESOME!"

Wade Price,

Oklahoma State University

"Docsoft AV has greatly reduced our closed captioning related costs and allowed us to caption more content, more quickly. We no longer have to rely on outside vendors to ge the job done, which is incredibly important to our busy production schedule. Also, when we requested some feature enhancements, the Docsoft team listened carefully to our requirements and was able to deliver a customized solution within two weeks."

Lauren Harmon,