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Docsoft, Incorporated
Docsoft Makes Captioning Fun Again

About Docsoft

Docsoft is a custom software development firm and has provided numerous customers with a customized software solution designed specifically to interface with their unique environment. Docsoft understands that every company or organization is different and wants tools to accommodate their culture rather than adapting a culture around a tool. Docsoft’s approach is streamlined from years of software development experience and encompasses the knowledge gained from working with many different organizations.

Today, Docsoft is a leading provider of audio video (AV) search and closed captioning systems. By leveraging the capabilities of automatic speech recognition, Docsoft provides software and hardware tools that allow customers to quickly and easily search spoken content within the digital audio and video files. Through our products and services Docsoft is truly "Liberating Speech"®.

New!Client Testimonials

See how some of our clients use our flagship product, DOCSOFT:AV, as well as our DOCSOFT:AVS service, in increasing their video production for transcript, training, online courses, VOD (video-on-demand), etc., while ensuring compatibility with streaming platforms like MediaSite, Echo 360 and Kaltura. Most importantly, through the use of our products, our clients provide improved accessibility, as well as compliance with Section 508 guidelines.

Major Universities Are Sued Over Lack Of Closed Captions

On 12 FEB 2015, advocates for the deaf filed federal lawsuits against Harvard and M.I.T., saying both universities violated antidiscrimination laws by failing to provide closed captioning in their online lectures, courses, podcasts and other educational materials.

Docsoft Inc. Ranks Sixth on Metro 50 List

Docsoft Inc. was named Sixth fastest growing company in Oklahoma City at the 2009 Metro 50 Awards hosted by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. The Metro 50 awards list the Greater Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area's 50 fastest growing, privately-owned companies for the year.

Available Services and Products

  • Docsoft:AVS Logo | Online Service Providing ... | Captioning, transcriptions and time code synchronization
  • Docsoft:AV Image | Automatically Caption, transcribe and synchronize your media
  • Docsoft:TE Image | Transcript Editor

Docsoft Education

Watch a quick overview given by Docsoft's own, Mike Robichaux, as he talks about Docsoft, Inc., and its main products: Docsoft:AV, Docsoft:AVS, Docsoft:SA and Docsoft:TE. Watch the video

Learn the top three advantages of our flagship product, DOCSOFT:AV, over outsourcing, as Wade Price, Docsoft's own Software Engineer, talks about it in this video. Watch the video